i have no idea what's ever going on but that's a-ok
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Pretty Places In Germany

breakin bad more like Jesse break mE BAD


congrats to the first-ever tumblr best fandom forever winner, harry potter! potterheads crushed it. 

see the winner in action on the mtvu fandom awards this sunday, july 27 at 8/7c on mtv. hint: it might involve someone whose name rhymes with “songbottom.”


harry potter meme:

places - the hogwarts express

not a big deal but it was my first week on a diet and working out everyday and I lost 2.5 pounds :D probably just water weight but that means this week some fat will be gone (I think) :D

I’ve worked out everyday this entire week and I feel gr8

sometimes ppl grow apart :P

when rly good friends on tumblr don’t reblog my selfies…. :/