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Want to be apart of thesofetchplastics? 

of course you do!


To increase your chances:

  • make a post of why you should be apart of thesofetchplastics and tag “thesofetchplastics” with a few things about you
  • if you have over 3k submit here
  • talk to us
  • become friends with us

Benefits of being perfs:

  • gain loads & loads of followers every day, yay!
  • help with anything (html, voting, themes, url’s, etc)
  • advice
  • be apart of group blogrates, selfies, all this cool stuff
  • be able to talk and gossip about anything
  • become friends with some perf people
  • be able to say you are in such a fabulous group, duh
must reach 40 notes or it never happened
Will be choosing 10 - 20 blogs
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